Kennel Pictures


         showing both kennel blocks and large secure grassed exercise areas


        View towards Guthrie Village        


       Block 2 with Jay and Hector enjoying some early spring sunshine

     Inside south facing Block 2



Fresh air ,good food and exercise are absolutely key to a having a happy dog.

    That's why at Waggytails we try as much as possible to replicate the home environment .

  •    Weather permitting , dogs get at least 2 hours exercise per day in 5 large secure grassed exercise areas. (and more to come)  There they can run about or simply sit back and enjoy the fresh air  maybe even having a wee peek at what the others are doing and share opinions.We don't walk the dogs on leads and there are lots of reasons for this .We believe that dogs
     get more exercise in 2 mins running around than a 10 min rushed walk on a lead.
    Its simply more relaxing to walk, run like a mad thing or just sit down  .

  •   The kennels themselves are are not in an enclosed shed or building, they have an open outlook where the dogs can see what is happening outside
      The kennel areas are covered , bright, spacious and fully quarry tiled with under floor heating in the sleeping areas. The walls were recently treated
      with a new vinyl coating which is chew and scratch proof help making the cleaning much more thorough. To aid a good nights sleep we use raised
      beds which have proved to be a boon for older dogs and just very very comfortable to the other dogs. The old guys and gals get a nice thick duvet    just to make it more comfortable

  • 'We supply a wide selection of brand named foods (complete and tinned) ,the brands of food you would buy for your dog.
    We don't use cheaper  'just as good as'  foods as they can often be the the cause of an upset stomach

                                    Volunteer help required

   Requirements :-

   1)   Enthusiasm and motivation .
  2 )  Must be aged 16 or over.

   3 )  Must not suffer from separation anxiety when mobile is switched off .

   4 )  Must like dogs If you are looking to working with animals long term, this will give you an insight at a relaxed pace about a wide
variety of breeds of dogs and kennel requirements and routines . If you are interested and have a few hours to spare give me a call or use the the enquiry form on the
home page and leave contact details



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